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Our Mission

Our Mission

The University of Illinois Alumni Association’s mission is “…is to enhance and advance the relationship between the University of Illinois and all of its alumni. We inspire lifelong loyalty and pride among alumni and friends by strengthening their continued relationship with the University in every way.” The Alumni Association believes Illinois’ heritage and shared Illinois experiences are keys to fostering loyalty and pride. To that end, the University of Illinois Alumni Association has formed a Board of Directors committee to identify means of better interpreting and celebrating the incredible history of the University of Illinois.

The charter of the committee is to identify existing historical resources and determine ways and means to best interpret, display and disseminate content to alumni, students, visitors and others through physical displays and print and electronic media in order to foster greater appreciation of the rich heritage of the University of Illinois and its contributions to society.

The committee has identified five areas of focus...

Research – systematically identify “content” (such as printed and electronic materials, displays, exhibits, and artifacts) that exists at the University, on its three campuses and among private collectors.  Identify key offices and individuals who are responsible for creating, archiving and disseminating historical information.

Technology – identify electronic means of accessing existing content and disseminating it to various audiences.

Publications, exhibits and displays – identify opportunities to include history and traditions in alumni and University publications and to develop permanent and temporary/traveling exhibits and displays reflecting UI history and traditions.

Scholarship – identify opportunities to encourage ongoing academic study of University history and traditions (i.e., a scholarship and/or graduate assistantship for a student history major interested in pursuing UI history and traditions as a master’s or doctoral thesis project.)

Orientation – create a syllabus covering “must know” history and tradition topics and facilitate appropriate orientation for newly-hired administrators, faculty, and development and alumni relations staff.